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Softphone Setup - VoiceHost Mobile Application

Softphone Setup - VoiceHost Mobile Application

Setup and Provisioning
VoiceHost Softphone
  1. Login to your VoiceHost control panel and either add a seat or convert an existing seat. (You cannot currently use the same seat as a live handset) If the Softphone Tab is greyed out then enable it under the 'User Manager' menu (requires administrator privileges).
  2. Navigate to 'Softphone' and select 'enable' (See illustration below)
  3. Click 'Save' to confirm the changes (The control panel will show a QR code to use with the App and the device will auto setup)
  4. Download and launch the Softphone app using the badges at or search via the Apple and Google app stores.
  5. Launch the app on the smartphone or tablet and tap the QR code button to launch the QR reader.
  6. Point the phone or device camera at the QR code and the app will indicate that it has successfully read the QR code.
De-Provisioning / Removal
  1. Under the settings of the app select 'Reset Application'
  2. Delete from Application the device

Once the settings have downloaded the app and scanned the QR code generated in your control panels seat setup you will be asked to allow the Softphone to send Notifications and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

On the first popup click the ‘Allow’ button and then on the Terms and Conditions page click ‘I Agree’ at the top left of the screen. (Clicking 'Don't Allow' will stop the app from functioning correctly)

Menu Options

Keypad: This tab is where you dial outbound from the App. This tab also shows your registration status at the top left of the screen (A solid circle around the Seat name indicates registered).
History: This tab shows all your call history. It shows Missed Calls, Received Calls and Made Calls.
Contacts: This tab shows all your contacts. It shows both your hosted Seat contacts in your account and also shows your mobile phone contacts.
Hosted or Corporate Directory: This feature will appear once you have enabled 'Phone Directory' feature from within the Control Panel.
Quickdial: This tab allows you to create ‘Quickdial’ numbers enabling you to call those numbers at the press of a button.


Account Setup: This is where you can change the Seat details that the app is registered to.
Incoming Calls: This is where you can disable/re-enable sending push notifications when the phone is on the lock screen.
Preferences: This is where you can set your ringtone, call forwarding, call recording, Wi-Fi preferences etc.
About: This is where you can find the details about the app, such as build number etc.
Usage: This is where you can see the usage that the app is using.
Reset Application: This is where you can reset the app to forget the current Account/Seat information ready to be set up with a fresh Account/Seat.
DND / DO NOT DISTURB: This is set by pressing on the extension name at the top of the dial pad screen.
BLF (Busy Lamp Fields): Navigate to quick dial (bottom of the home screen). Enable the BLF slider and edit each contact with the relevant extension number in the format <accountnumber*extension> (i,e 12345*200) 

Softphone Specifications
iOS CompatibilityiOS 8.0 or above (Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch)
Android CompatibilityGingerbread 2.3.3 or above
Ports443 TCP
80 TCP
4998 TCP
24998 TCP
5061 TCP | TLS
5223 TCP (iOS only)
5228-5230 TCP (Android only)
Hosted SeatThe Softphone can be setup as Twinned or as dedicated seat/extension
IP AddressingWe do not publish specific IPs because IP ranges for Apple or Google can change frequently and your firewall rules could get out of date impacting user experience. You should whitelist ports with no IP restrictions or filter via MAC