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Become a reseller

Become a reseller

Join the telecoms reseller program and become a reseller

Join the VoiceHost reseller program
Wholesale VoIP UK

Wholesale Telecommunications services offered by VoiceHost allow our wholesale partners to purchase and control a variety of advanced telecoms products. You have no financial obligation simply by having a trade account. You will only ever be charged when you add features or services for your customers, or, like most of our Partners, for your own office.

In addition, we operate rolling-monthly contracts on all our Hosted Telephony VoIP Systems, giving you freedom and flexibility. When you become a VoiceHost channel partner, customers are added to your own White Labeled portal, giving you full control over their telephony systems and data requirements. Unless you specifically ask us to, we’ll never contact your customers, and they contract with you directly.

Our Hosted Platform is completely bespoke with over 10 years of custom code and core development work by our in-house development team. This means that our VoIP platform is continually evolving, and we are passionate about building in more advanced and flexible solutions for your customers. We are able to provide Hosted Telephony solutions for 1-798 users per account, and we can provide SIP Trunks with 1 to 10000 channels. Our platform has no maximum capacity, meaning your customers will never outgrow the solution.

"Customers are added to your own white labelled portal, giving you full control over their telephony systems and data requirements."
Product Portfolio

Our products and services portfolio includes a broad range of advanced connectivity products. This means you’ll never need to struggle with multiple providers to supply a customer.

Key products and services include:

  • Hosted Telephony suite including SIP Trunking, Cloud PBX and Hybrid solutions.
  • Broadband services from our network.
  • Layer2 Ethernet services.
  • Analogue WLR and Legacy PSTN lines (MPF and SMPF)
  • Network and Telephony Hardware including all the hardware we recommend for optimal service.
  • Co-location services.
  • Virtual ISP with L2TP Hand-off
Virtual ISP with L2TP Hand-off

VoiceHost L2TP hand-off solutions allow technically capable partners to have last mile data connectivity traffic passed to their own LNS. As an L2TP Hand-off customer, you remain in complete control of all traffic which allows you to create your own class of network to suit your needs.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Flexibility and control to provide your own packages and shape your own class of service.
  • Access to our 24/7 Technical support and NOC access.
  • Branding – You can apply your own IP addressing and build your own packages
  • Access to a suite of connectivity options including a range of DSL and Fibre services with national coverage.

Our Sales Team is happy to arrange a remote demonstration of our platform so that you can assess whether it's right for you.

We understand that for most resellers, this is a new market – that's why we're here to encourage business growth, not require minimum monthly spends.

All Hosted PBX systems and SIP Trunks are operated on a monthly rolling contract, giving you freedom and flexibility.

Become a reseller

Open your account today and take advantage of our services. Contact the sales team today and sell with the complete flexibility that only VoiceHost can offer.

CNA Awards best hosted PBX platform


How can our voice and data network help you?


  Why VoIP?


Pay as you grow with no limitations


Connect from anywhere with a data connection.


A range of enterprise grade features without the enterprise cost.


Provision Services in real-time, flexibility when you need it

The benefits of VoIP

Our SIP platform can gives businesses the competitive edge (source -

31% of businesses use VoIP systems due to its productivity and cost-saving benefits 31%
Companies that invested in technology that allows the employees the flexibilty to work remotely saw productivity rise by 20% 20%
Businesses save on avaerage 62% on communication costs 62%
Organisations with Unified Comminications, including VoIP, saved an average of 32 minutes per employee per day because it enabled staff to reach each other on the first try. 32 minutes (per 7.5hr day)